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Our Medium Sized Goldendoodles

We are often asked what the difference between our medium and standard sized doodles is.  Size and price (we'll get to the later in the next paragraph!)  Truly, that is all.  The dispositions of either our standard doodles or our medium doodles are intelligent, extremely loving and reliable.  Our medium sized doodles just come in a smaller package.  They always have correct conformation as we never breed dogs that have to much discrepancy in size.  We feel this is important in assuring the structural integrity (if you will) of our medium sized doodle puppies.  Puppies that come from parents that differ to much in size may have legs that are to weak to support heavy bodies, or heads to small for their shoulders.  These problems may seem just cosmetic but in reality, they can cause your dog to be easily injured during normal activities like playtime.

Adoption price for our medium sized doodles is a bit higher than our standard sized doodles.  Many people think this is because the demand for them is higher.  We get about equal demand for our standard sized doodles as for our medium sized ones, though because we breed less medium sized litters and those litters typically have less puppies, the waiting lists are often longer.  This is because in order to get a litter of medium sized doodles the breeding must be done artificially.  Not only is this time consuming but can be very costly.  Because of the artificial breeding, you have a higher incidence of smaller litters and even missed litters, (the female not getting pregnant.)  We only breed our girls so many years (usually until they are five years old) in order that when they retire they are in good condition and have many years left to enjoy with their new families.  When we decide to use part of that time to try to get medium sized doodles, we know that we most likely won't have as many puppies as we would if we had bred for a standard sized litter. That is the reason our medium sized doodles are a bit higher priced than our standard sized doodles.

Why do we continue to breed these smaller package doodles, we love them and think they are worth it!  I know you do too by all the wonderful letters and calls we get.


F1 Medium sized Teddy Bear Goldendoodle puppies born May 18.  Will be ready for new homes around the end of July. 
Two boys and six girls, four girls and one boy currently available for adoption.


Goldie "Dam"

Nicholas "Sire"

Goldendoodle Puppy Abbie

Abbie means "Gives Joy" A perfect name for this sweet, outgoing, loves everyone puppy. Abbie will be about 50 pounds fully grown. She has a silky soft, medium wavy, non shedding coat. She has the face of an Angel. When she looks at you, you feel as if she is human and understands every word you're saying. Abbie is a people lover (and other animals too for that matter.) She is one of the friendliest puppies I've ever met. She can win over the hardest of hearts! Abbie will bring joy and an added measure of love to your home. Whoever adopts her will indeed be blessed. Abbie is fully crate trained, sleeping 8 hours in her crate at night, setting an excellent foundation for potty training. Her adoption price is $2500. If you're interested in adopting Abbie into your household, please either leave me your phone number or give me a call.



Previous litter of Daphne/Nicholas medium sized Goldendoodles.  First trip outside to play on the lawn, 7 weeks old











This is Gwen, she is Nicholas's mom and one of our first Standard Poodles.  She is now retired and living out her days with a wonderful couple who lives in our town.  They also adopted Jenna, another of our Standard Poodles.  We get to visit them frequently and are so blessed for the wonderful home they give to Jenna and Gwen.  Gwen is OFA Good, CERF Normal and OFA Cardiac Normal. 

This is Ivan, he's Nicholas's dad.  Both Ivan's parents are finished Champions.  Ivan has non luxating patellas and no heart abnormalities. 
Both Ivan's parents have been fully tested and cleared for all genetic abnormalities known to the Miniature Poodle breed. 

Our Medium Sized Doodle Puppies from Previous Litters. 




These are pictures of previous Nicholas puppies as they've gotten a bit older. 





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