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Meet Honey!

Her adult size is estimate to be about 45 pounds full grown. Honey is sweet and loving girl. She loves to play in the water and be around people. She is easy to train due to her intelligent and willing to please nature. Honey is good with people or all ages and other animals. She sleeps eight hours in her own crate at night which has set her up with an excellent foundation for potty training. Honey was born January 24 2022.


Meet Lady

Her adult size is estimate to be about 45 pounds full grown. Lady is sweet cuddle bug of a puppy. She is a very gentle puppy that loves to be by your side. Children are Lady's passion, I don't know that I've ever seen a puppy as adoring and patient with them as she is! She loves being included in their tea parties, water play, gardening or whatever else they dish up! She is extremely patient, loving and a wonderful friend. She is good with people of all ages and animals of all types. A friend to all she meets. Lady was born January 24 2022.


Meet Theo

His adult size is estimated to be about 45 pounds full grown. Theo is a love of a puppy, he's every man's (or woman's, or child's!) best friend.Theo is good with other animals, he has an easy going disposition and is very willing to please making him easy to train. If you're looking for a best furry friend, Ollie will be happy to devote his life to you. Theo loves playing in the water but is just as happy relaxing by your side receiving a belly rub! You truly couldn't meet a sweeter boy. He was born January 24, 2022, so he's an older puppy that has been started on basic obedience and good house manners. Theo sleeps eight hours in his crate at night which has set him up for an excellent foundation on potty training.


I thought you would enjoy seeing these pictures of our medium sized Goldendoodles grown up.







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